About R2D2 Technologies


We empower global enterprises to create smart software solutions through distributed Agile teams

InViz was founded in 2017 in New Delhi. We are a technology development and strategy consulting company offering a wide range of services to clients across industries. Being a technology agnostic company, we provide a broad spectrum of high-end technology services ranging from mobile, web and voice apps, to cloud and automation, to machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Our team comprising of highly skilled engineers and data scientists from technology giants like Google, Adobe, Target, and Tesco is our pride. We work with top brands and companies offering a range of solutions that solves business challenges, fills the gap in business needs and helps transform businesses.

Our Mission

To be the most favored partner for the world’s leading enterprises by helping them design, develop, and manage the most innovative, reliable and cost-effective solutions and meet their customers’ growing needs through the accelerated deployment of new services.

Run a sustainable
We embrace innovation in technology which helps us push the boundaries of what we can achieve to run a sustainable business.
Champion software
We believe in the aphorism 'Pursue Excellence and Success would surely follow', and pursue excellence in thought, action, and results.
Revolutionize the
IT industry
We want to be the disruption that the IT industry needs, and bring a change to the industry to raise the standards

Our Culture & People

Our people are our strength and the most significant contributors to our success. Our culture of innovation, inspiration, and integrity flows throughout our organization. We operate in a dynamic industry that requires us to challenge ourselves and embrace new opportunities every day. To succeed, we have created a workplace that is equally dynamic where employees are challenged, respected and rewarded.

Our Team

  • Rohit Sakunia
    Rohit SakuniaCo-Founder & Chief Business Officer


    Chaser, believes his sales target is his life. Digital Marketing Guru

    Can play Table tennis and cricket till others drop dead , MSD Fan, has an everlasting affair with his phone and shoes.

  • Tejender Sharma
    Tejender SharmaCo-Founder & Chief Creative Officer

    Can weave a shirt as well as he can weave a story

    Creative Director, Movie Lover, Script Writer, Story Teller

    In House Indian Independence expert

  • Priyabrata Kuanr
    Priyabrata KuanrCo-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

    IIT Kanpur Alumni. Extensive experience at Adobe, Target, Thomas White International

    Loves Algorithms, Dreams Technology, Builds Products

    Speaks Less, Forgets his name

  • Animesh Mukherjee
    Animesh MukherjeeCo-Founder & Chief Financial Officer

    Miser by nature, Chartered Accountant by profession, Humanitarian by choice

    State topper, Holds an MBA too

    Controls the company wallet as efficiently as he runs his NGO

    Loyal to Bollywood Classic songs

  • Subhankar Biswas
    Subhankar Biswas Principal Consultant Big-Data & Data Engineering

    Foodie. IIT Kharagpur Alumni. Movie Buff. LOTR fan, solemnly swears that he is up to no good

    Passionate data nerd picks problems apart, drives results, and makes an impact

  • Kannan Ranganathan
    Kannan Ranganathan Principal Consultant Cloud Infrastructure & Machine Learning

    Home-grown Elon Musk with attitude for responsible success. Thinker. Reader. Explorer. Lawrence Krauss fan

    Cloud Infrastructure specialist with a Masters degree in Computer Communication and Networks Texas A&M University

  • Rakesh Kumar
    Rakesh Kumar Principal Consultant Big-Data & Data Engineering

    Another IIT Kharagpur alumni in the pack. Full stack developer. Big Data Expert.

    Dreamer. Achiever. People’s person. Perseverance is his key to success.

  • Kumar Gaurav
    Kumar Gaurav Principal Consultant Data Science

    Nimble-witted IIT Dhanbad alumni. Technology freak. Sci-fi lover

    Swims across water and computer vision, natural language processing, graph theory, and search engine solutions with equal finesse

  • Ramnivas Dhaker
    Ramnivas Dhaker Data Engineer

    All-rounder. Full-stack developer. AWS and Big Data champion

    Music lover. Travel zealot. Lives life with earphones plugged in and focus on the code

  • Sudipto Roy
    Sudipto Roy Senior Product Manager

    Sweet tooth with sweeter discourse. Entertainer. Mimic. Certified Scrum Master. Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist. Cloud Enthusiast.

    Wide Project Management experience spread over HR & Payroll, Education, Healthcare, and Lifestyle.

  • Puia Chhakchhuak
    Puia Chhakchhuak UI/UX Expert

    Self-learned, naturally curious, detail-oriented design genius. Digital products are the food for his soul. His passion drives his designs.

    Never without great music around him, he lives by integrity and accountability.