You will work on front-end development (logics, styling UI and UX on given designs) and server-side logic, write unit and functional tests, and verify before deploying
Be able to transform unstructured raw data in to formats suitable for modeling Demonstrate a deep knowledge of and ability to operationalize, leading data technologies and best practices
Be responsible for maintaining project plans, clean code, and well-written documentation
Be able to work in teams and collaborate with stakeholders to define requirements
Make decisions independently on analytical problems and methods
Be able to work in a globally distributed team in an Agile/Scrum approach
2+ years of Web application development experience in HTML5, CSS3, Typescript, Python, Django
Clear understanding of the communication between the frontend layer and the backend layer using SOCKET/HTTP protocol and SOA (RESTful APIs)
In depth understanding of JavaScript frameworks/libraries Angular 4 + along with jQuery
Advanced knowledge of any one of the python-based backend frameworks like Django or Flask or Pyramid along with end to end testing within the framework
Familiarity with some ORM (Object Relational Mapper) libraries like SQLAlchemy or Django ORM. Should be able to integrate multiple data sources and databases into one system
Experience with relational databases like MySQL
Experience with NoSQL databases like MongoDB
Expert in configuring and deploying applications in Unix via Apache/Nginx/uWSGI or any other web server
Use and promote standard python coding conventions (PEP8, pylint)
Experience in building and consuming RESTful APIs
Proficient in using media queries and CSS frameworks like bootstrap or foundation for implementing responsive web design patterns in the applications
Experience in developing and deploying microservices
Good experience in version control tools like GitLab (preferred), GitHub, BitBucket
Ability to work under tight deadlines