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We at InViz, firmly believe that machine learning and artificial intelligence are transformative technologies that can powerfully enhance customer experience and unit economics of businesses. We help our clients find the hidden value from data through a unique blend of business intelligence, big data analytics, and machine learning. Our flagship products play a pivotal role in transforming businesses with impact ready AI.

Search & Discovery

Users want insights and personalized experiences, and enterprises need exact data points to keep them engaged.

With the explosion of data sources such as new devices and intelligent endpoints, consumer engagement has become much more varied and complicated.

Our groundbreaking AI-powered search and discovery product empowers enterprises to monetize client information through all channels and all available data. Our solution takes you beyond the simple keyword search, based on structured data by using the power of computer vision to retrieve the most relevant results from your dataset.

  • Search as a Service
  • Image Search as a Service
  • Voice Search as Service
  • Visual Recommendation Service
  • Search and Discovery
Search and Discovery

Content Tagging

Data is only useful when it is accurate and relevant to your business. A data catalog with precise metadata tagging empowers the analysts to search, query, and collaborate on data to gain faster, more accurate insights. A machine-learning-based data catalog allows enterprises to classify and organize data assets across cloud, on-premises, and big data. It provides maximum value and reuse of data across the enterprise.

Our advanced content tagging and auto cataloging solutions enable you to accurately predict the information present within your text, images, and videos using computer vision AI. We provide the ability to populate the data catalog by analyzing data values and using sophisticated algorithms to automatically tag data.

Our solution combines video processing technologies, data analytics, and visualization interfaces of our clients, to enhance their situational awareness and generate actionable insights.

  • Image, Video Tagging
  • MultiLingual Text Tagging
  • Auto Cataloguing
  • Content Tagging
Content Tagging